02 September 2005

Window to Wall 3

So the first actual step in replacing the window with a wall (lets not talk about my feeble attemt to put it back together without really fixing anything) was to remove all of the junk that the last carpenter did to cover it up...remove what I did when I thought I was covering it back up...and then remove the old hidden window and it's frame and everything else in there down to the old studs and whatever mess that is that the stucco guys put on 32 years ago.

So what you see here is the remianing window (soon to be replaced with a brand new one) and an open cavity where there has been a window (albeit covered up for the past 32 years) for almost 100 years.

So just as an introduction to me and the way I do things...

People tend to call me anal retentive. Whatever. I just think if you are going to take the time to do something...you should take the time to do it right...and if it's something you will be doing more than once...be observant of what is actually happening so that you can do it a little better every time until you are doing it right every time (or almost every time...everybody makes mistakes).

So with that said...if you see something I am doing and you know a better way to do it (either easier or will last longer or whatever) Please tell me! Learning new things is my favorite thing in life.

Hmmm...maybe I need to make that my description for this blog...or my profile or something.


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