04 September 2005

Window to Wall 5

Once the new studs were in place the next step was to staple on the insulation. A few smaller pieces stuffed into the little gaps and we're ready to start putting up the greenboard (drywall).

The part of this that amazed me...was how quickly it all went together once I finally stopped agonizing over the decision of what to do here...and just started cutting and clearing and building.

It actually brings together a couple of the Dan lessons.

First, he says, "Have all the pieces of the puzzle before you start" I certainly didn't do this. I think he's just saying have a plan. When I started I thought I was doing a lot less than I'm ending up having to do. It would have gone a lot quicker had I known how far I was going right off the bat because then everything would have happened in the right order right away...and there wouldn't be building and then tearing out for more building (like my first attempt at fixing this where I was going to put it back pretty much the way it was).

Second...he always talked about people who stand with their hands on their hips shaking their heads. I honestly probably spent more time standing like that staring at the wall wondering what I was going to do about it...than it took me to tear out what was there and put in the new.

Decisions...not my forté


Blogger REDELEPHANT said...

Pink Panther is not the best insulator.

urethane foam, well aired is good

cellulose is roach-proof, rats avoid it, and it insulates way better.

I have the T-shirt....good job.


10:18 AM  

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