22 November 2006

Another Project Finished! :)

Well, similar to where I left off last time, but the shovel is almost all the way in the hole this time. That's as deep as I need to go.

First I lined the hole with drainage fabric.
Then I filled in with about 6" of gravel at the bottom of the hole.

After cutting most of the bottom off the sump basin, I put it in the hole and added a few more inches of gravel to hold it down. I then filled in the sides of the hole with gravel and when I got about 4" from the top I folded the drainage fabric over the top of the gravel.

Next was putting the pump down in the hole and hooking up the 2" pvc drain lines to it.

The final step for today was filling in the top of the hole with concrete and putting the lid on the basin.

Good timing to finish it up, there's a NorEaster hitting pretty hard at the moment...supposed to get an inch of rain tonight! I will keep checking and see if I'm getting any water in the basin. Can't wait to get to see it working!

If it doesn't rain enough to make it pump tonight, I'll test it by filling the hole with water myself tomorrow. I didn't want to take a chance with the wet concrete tonight.


Blogger Brick1101 said...

Hi Jamey..When I finished that old floor at my New York house I used Watco Danish Oil finish. Back then it did not come in tints. I have seen it offered now in Oak, Walnut, etc.....
I used 2-3 coats on the floors and then a good coat of wax buffed down with a floor buffer....
As i stated before...make sure the floor surface is SMOOTH!!! If the surface is rough the oil will not be able to fill in the irregularities like a heavier varnish or poly. Good luck!!! Jamie (AKA Brick1101)

6:18 AM  

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