27 September 2006

No More Machine, Time to go Old School

I just finished up with the 100 grit sanding using my floor machine.
This is the last one I'll be able to do with the machine as they don't sell any higher grits for it. Well, at least not at the tool rental at the big box stores, I haven't checked the local flooring supplier yet, since they aren't quite so local...But I plan to get over there in the semi-near future.

So the rest of the sanding grits; 120, 150, and 180 will all have to be done using my drywall pole sander and sanding screens. I'll probably also go at least up to 120 with my random orbit palm sander (5") on the edges and anywhere I can still see any scratch marks left from the big sander, although I did work most of them out with the last piece of 100 grit using the random orbit sander before I did the final 100 grit with the big machine.


Blogger Basia said...

Wow... those close up shots are great..

I want your floors!!!Bet they'll feel like buttah when you're through. :)

7:01 PM  

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