13 September 2006

Here are a couple more pix I couldn't get to post the other day.
Here's the floor machine doing it's thing.

So far it's working pretty well...I have over half of the floor sanded through the first grit (20)

Two stumbling blocks I have run into:
First...I needed a left hand (reversed) thread nut and bolt to hold the pad on so it won't loosen up as it spins. Couldn't find one anywhere so I drilled a hole in the bolt I used and put a small cotter pin in it...problem solved.
Unfortunately at this point I'm running into the problem of the bolt I used being too long and touching the floor. I'm going to try grinding a little of the end off and see if that works for me. My other option is adding a second blue pad to see if I can increase the height a little...I have another pad to try that with but I think it would cause more problems than it would solve. Another option is to add another layer of plywood (probably 1/4" Luann to the bottom of the pad holder I made...but that would mean waiting a day for the glue (Gorilla) to cure before I could get back to work. So I'm gonna go grind the bolt down a little and see if that does the trick.


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