13 May 2006

Punch List Part Deux

On Dec. 26th I made a list of what was left to be done

So here's the list and where I'm at:

Thermostat (buy and install)Put the old one back, not doin it
Carpet (buy and install)Done!
doors (paint, clean, re-hang)Cleaned and re-hung. Didn't paint them. Replaced the closet door latches
Tub Faucet (Call Delta about the faucet not shutting off right)The cartridge was in backwards...I mighta messed it up, $40 for a new one
Paint Trim (topcoat bathroom, touch up elsewhere)Done
Stove (buy and install)Done
Access panel for Bathroom Plumbing (cut, paint, install)Done
Storm Windows in Hallway (find, clean, install)Done (1 has broken glass and 1 is missing)
Paint Lazy SusanFix UnderSink Shelf (new wood, better support, tile with leftover floor tiles(?))uh...yeah, right.
Doorbell (fix? replace?)Replaced
Puck Lights (Install in kitchen including mounting new wall switch)Done
Transition Strips ((between rooms), buy, install)Done
Re Caulk Bathroom (?)Some done, some still thinkin about it
Bathroom Fixtures (I still don't know where to put the TP holder)Need to buy a 'set screw' screwdriver so I can get them apart to hang them
Blinds (buy and install...I don't want to leave it up to someone else to pick and try to hang them)Done

Other than the couple of things in the bathroom...all that's really left is carrying all my tools and supplies down from the third floor to the basement and giving everything a quick final cleaning.
Should be able to wrap it up tomorrow.
Anybody want to rent an apartment? :o)


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