26 December 2005

Punch List

So I was sitting and thinking over the weekend about what I have left to finish up. When a job is done or just about done the General Contractor will go around and make up what's called a, "Punch List" which is simply a thorough list of all the things that need to be finished or touched up as the job starts winding down.

Still left to do:

Thermostat (buy and install)
Carpet (buy and install)
doors (paint, clean, re-hang)
Tub Faucet (Call Delta about the faucet not shutting off right)
Paint Trim (topcoat bathroom, touch up elsewhere)
Stove (buy and install)
Access panel for Bathroom Plumbing (cut, paint, install)
Storm Windows in Hallway (find, clean, install)
Paint Lazy Susan
Fix UnderSink Shelf (new wood, better support, tile with leftover floor tiles(?))
Doorbell (fix? replace?)
Puck Lights (Install in kitchen including mounting new wall switch)
Transition Strips ((between rooms), buy, install)
Re Caulk Bathroom (?)
Bathroom Fixtures (I still don't know where to put the TP holder)
Blinds (buy and install...I don't want to leave it up to someone else to pick and try to hang them)

Also on my paper list but already crossed off are:
Vent Hood (buy and install)
Re-assemble Fridge...I had to take the doors and all of the hardware off to get it out of the kitchen to put down the new floor...it BARELY fit thru the door...getting it back in is the only thing I've gotten help doing so far on this entire project...I dragged it out on it's side but I wasn't going to drag it so I got my friend Kevin to help me carry it back in. I laid plywood down over the floor to protect it as I bring the appliances back in and such.

So that's pretty much the list. The only big thing left is the carpets. I've never done carpet before but I can't see paying how much they get for installation....seems ridiculous. Plus I have a cousin who lives with a carpet guy and he said it's the biggest ripoff in the home industry. So I went and looked at the "In Stock" carpet at Lowes and Home Despot...they range from around half a buck to about a buck a square foot. A quick look at the math and I need about 600 square feet of carpet. As my best friend Renee said, "I'm sure there will be a learning curve." Which means the first room I do will take me probably 3 times as long as the last room. With that said I still think it will only take me 3 days to do it all working by myself. Well...except for the day I go buy the carpet and carry it up to the third floor...I think that day I'll be needing some help. Same with carrying out the old stove and carrying the new one up there. That's the worst part about this all happening on a third floor...it's a bazillion trips up and down to get all the trash and extra supplies and tools I'm finished with out of the apartment and (except for the trash) down into the basement where it belongs. 3 or 4 trips and I'm wiped out and need to sit down for a little while and take a break.
Today I'm going to try to empty out a room or two so I can get going on tearing out and cutting up the old carpet. I may just pile some of the stuff out of the way for now so I can get going on the carpets and hopefully have some help carrying things down some other day.


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