01 December 2005


Toys!One of the new toys ...uh... I mean ... um.... tools that made the painting of the apartment a fun task.

The Wagner Power Roller.

Turns out it’s REALLY cool!

I read a ton of reviews before I bought one and came to a simple conclusion. The people who didn’t like it seemed to expect this thing to turn them from total bozos into professional house painters with the flick of a switch.

That it will not do.

What it will do is make it so you never have to stop and go back to your roller pan to put paint on the roller. In fact, you don’t have to stop at all. What I found is that if you know the difference between, "Rolling On" and, "Rolling Out" painting with this thing will be an absolute DREAM!

It’s pretty simple, you push the button to start the pump and roll on your typical 3 or 4 foot section of wall then push the button again to stop the pump and go back over the same area to roll out the paint you just applied. What I found works best is to turn the pump back on again about a foot and a half before you get back to where you want to roll more paint on the wall.
That’s the way I figured out that seemed to go the fastest for me. And man lemmie tell ya, did it go FAST! I rolled the paint on the entire apartment...

That’s; Living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, upstairs hallway, 2 flights of stairs and the landing in-between ...in 2 days! 1 day for all the ceilings and cutting in and spot priming...probably not even a whole day, more like an afternoon since I did it the day I bought the thing and I know I didn’t get home from the store until noon. And 1 day to paint all of the walls including all the cutting in and last minute fixing and spot priming and such.

Some of the reviews I read complained about it being too much of a pain to clean out. Personally, I don’t throw away things like roller covers or pan liners after every time I use them so I spend some time cleaning up my tools anyway. And the actual machine cleans it’s self while you rinse off the other parts so I don’t see what the big deal is. Plus they have this little gizmo for a few bucks that hooks onto your faucet (or hose) and washes the roller pad out better and faster than anything I have ever used to clean a pad. And if you still insist on throwing them out after one use in stead of cleaning them...go ahead, they are only like two dollars more than the same quality of a regular roller pad and you can still go watch tv for 5 minutes while the machine pumps a bucket of water into the sink which is all it takes to clean it.

So would I pull it out for a small job...probably not. For a whole room...probably. For anything more than that...you betchya!!! It easily saved me at least two days of painting on that place.

So I may have a weakness for tools...but jebus do they make some coolass tools that just save oodles of time on a job as well as making it easier and more fun. Not to mention way less of a pain in the back!


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