25 November 2005

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

One of the last projects in the bathroom was putting up the new vanity. I decided to go with one that I think is a little nicer than what was in there before.
Unfortunately...I didn't think it all the way through before I put it in and hooked it up.
The first problem is that this one is taller than the other one was which unfortunately meant the electrical box I put in the wall where the old wires had just been hanging out of the wall was now too low. Fortunately I left myself enough wire so that I could run it out of the box and up the wall to the top of the cabinet where the wires for the lights are.
The next problem became apparent when I turned the power back on. The old cabinet had a switch for it's lights, this one does not. And naturally when I re-did the wiring in the bathroom I made it so that the outlet and vanity were always hot and not controlled by the main switch. I had already put my second GFI outlet in the wall there because the first one was cheap junk and it burned out so I bought a better one when I was at Lowe's.
So I went to my local electric supply house and talked to them about switch possibilities and worked my way up from one that was a dollar to one that was $13 to what I ended up with which is the GFI/switch combo you see here for $26. I was pissed that it was that much but when I looked at them at the big stores they were only $23 so I went from feeling ripped off to being happy that I supported my local little guy and not the big national chain stores on that one.

So now it's all hooked up and done and it looks pretty darn good.


Anonymous jen said...

We have some broken stuff. Please come fix it.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Jamey said...


3:26 PM  

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