08 November 2005

New Windows

I'm sure somewhere if I look I have a picture that shows the old (brown) windows. Maybe you can see one in a previous post, I'm not sure.
They were all messed up. A couple had broken glass...
The last tenant had screws thru a couple of the frames to hold them shut because the mechanisms were broken.
So I went out and spent a thousand bucks on windows.
Replacing them is fairly simple.
Pop the old one out...caulk...pop the new one in...shim it...and put the screws in.
That's where we're at here.

Ok...pop the old one out is one of the more time consuming parts of the job.
First you need to take a utility knife and cut the caulk all the way around the window and along the front of the stop. The 'stop' is the first wooden piece in the frame, one side touches the window the other side touches the frame.
Once you cut thru the caulk you will then have to remove the stops. Work them out carefully so that you don't break them or mar the rest of the window frame.
Cut any caulk holding the window in at this point.
Remove the (6) screws holding the (replacement) window frame to the wooden frame.
That's it...the window should then pop right out (pull on it from the top and tilt in)
The procedure is pretty much the same when doing original sash-type windows. You just remove the glass and the wooden strip in the middle that separates them, bash the metal wheel for the sash cord into the wall, and you're at the same point I am here.

Once the old window has been removed, clean away any caulk or loose paint around the frame.
Lay a bead of caulk along the outside stop (the piece on the outside that sticks out of the frame that the window rests on).

Carefully put the bottom of the new window into the opening and tilt the window into place. I guess this is where a helper would be good...but since I was doing it alone I drove a temporary screw in thru one of the mounting holes. With the window in place I cut my shims and put them in behind the screw holes in the frame. Be careful to not block the adjustment screw in the middle of the frame with the shim for the mounting screw right next to it. Drive the screws they supply thru the window frame, thru the shim and into the wall. Make sure the window is square as you tighten down the 6 mounting screws.

I bought Pella windows and I have a design complaint.
The top mounting hole is right where the metal wheel is on an old sash frame. I don't know a single contractor that doesn't just hammer the wheel flat so I'd say they should move their mounting hole an inch or two so it gets good purchase in the wooden frame. Needless to say, I made my own hole where the screw would hit wood.


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