03 November 2005

Wall Tile

Once the floor was finished it was time to cover it up and start on the wall tile. I did the tub surround over a two day period. With something like 700 total tiles and the two flights of stairs in each direction to get to the wet-saw I decided to split the job in half.
The first day I did what you can (almost) see here, the larger tub wall. Mostly that one was a whole lot of field tiles and bending, not a whole lot of trips down to the saw. The only cut tiles were along the top and the edge you can't see in the photo.
On the first day I also put in the bull-nose tile you can see to the right of the tub. I used a 6x2 bullnose to run up the wall so that I wouldn't have to worry about lining up horizontal joints with the field tiles and also because there was pretty much exactly 2 inches of wall there next to the tub so they went right in. I did these on the first day so that they would be nice and straight and solid when I went back in the next day to do the field tiles.
There's also a huge dropcloth in the tub here to help prevent any chips or scratches if I drop a tile or have grit on my shoe or something when I'm working. It's a good idea to take the dropcloth out and shake it clean every day and shop-vac out the tub.
That's another "Carterism" as we who know the man that trained me call the things he says over and over again. In this case I'm referring to,
Sweep sweep...a thousand times sweep!
When we were working on a job in someone's home...we would completely clean the jobsite every night and stack all of our tools and stuff somewhere out of the way. It's a great way to work.
On this project, since it's an empty apartment in a house I own...I haven't really cleaned up once since I started. The fact that I'm planning on replacing almost every carpet and floor in the place probably has something to do with that...but I really should go thru and clean the heck outa the place just to keep the dust down now that it's getting colder out and I won't have the windows wide open 24/7 anymore.


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