14 September 2005

Enough is enough and enough is too much!

As I sat down to write this I remembered something Dan always used to say,
“Enough is enough and enough is too much!”

With that in mind...over the past 2 days I finally decided I had enough of spackling and sanding and finally started laying on some primer. At first I only painted the wall behind the tub (on the left in the picture) so that when I did the first coat on the whole bathroom, that wall would have 2 coats and be done. My thought process there is that now I can put in the tub and get the cement board up on the walls around it and in case I nick a wall or need to fill in a gap or something I’ll be able to do that before doing a second coat of primer and the topcoats.

Product-wise I read the recommendations on the Killz brand primer can and was surprised that for a bathroom they didn’t recommend using their oil based primer. But I did what it said and bought the ‘Premium’ type. The gallon can would have been just enough to do a coat on the whole bathroom but I ended up running out a little short because of my brainiac plan on the wall behind the tub that’s actually going to be completely covered (except below the tubline). Fortunately I still had half a can of ‘Killz2’ up there as well that is also water-based and also recommended for use in bathrooms so I used that to do the last little bit. I think there may even be enough left in that can to do the entire second coat...Second coats use WAY less paint because the fresh drywall and plaster really suck it up and there will be one less wall as well (the one behind the tub has 2 coats and is ready to be covered with cement board and tile).


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