31 October 2005

Time For Tile

Once I got the tub in, it was time to start tiling the floor.
I first bought a $20 (on sale at Harbor Freight Tools www.harborfreight.com) tile cutter...The kind that scores and then cracks the tile. If you look in the middle of the tile pile you'll see some rather odd shapes cut out of the small tile I ended up choosing for the floor. Even though the tile cutter has a circle cutting attachment I still ended up going to Lowes and buying a Wet Saw. Good thing I did! The cheap tile cutter was totally lame. I couldn't get it to cut a straight line on these small tiles or even on the bigger ones for the tub and not only wasn't the line straight it wasn't clean, it left a much more jagged edge than the Wet Saw. So, once again...The lesson I guess I'm still working on learning is don't buy the el-cheapo tools when it's something you need to have do a quality job.
The only thing that sucked about the wet saw is that it was down (and then back up) the 2 flights of stairs to the third floor because you can't use a wet-saw indoors because of the spray so I had it set-up out back.
But when you're doing tile there is nothing like a Wet Saw and a good blade to cut out the myriad of shapes you need to do a typical tile job. In this case I had to go around the sink pipes and the 'Closet Flange' which is where the toilet attaches to the floor as well as various corner cut-outs.

One thing I want to mention here is the vertical blueish stripe on the cement board starting at the drain pipe. It's the remnants of a piece of painters tape I put down when I first laid the cement board over the sub-floor to mark where the drain pipe was because of how close to the surface it is. That way when I was screwing and nailing the cement board down I would know to not put any screws or nails in where they might puncture the plumbing lines.


Blogger Robert G. said...

Hey great blog! Really looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

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