01 November 2005


Grouting the tile is a pretty simple process.

After you let the tile 'set-up' overnight, wait for the cement used to glue them down to harden, the next step is to mix up another kind of cement (grout) to go in-between the tiles.
Yes...I know...Everybody already knows that. Yes...I've had too much coffee this morning and I'm typing faster than I'm thinking.
Grouting is simple. You put a blob of grout down on the floor and work it in using a tool called a 'Float.' It's there next to the bucket. Just a smooth rubber plate with a handle that you use to squish the grout down in-between the tiles.
Now here's where the guy that taught me this stuff and the directions on the bag differ. The directions say to wait 15-45 minutes and come back with a sponge to clean off the excess. My guru does the sponge wiping right after putting the grout in and then 15 minutes or so later when it hazes over going back with a towel and buffing off the haze.
Which one is right I think depends on the application to a certain extent...But I think I'm leaning more towards the directions than the training. The one thing I have learned since I've been out on my own is that there are a lot of things I was taught that were things to make a job go faster and not necessarily better.
We'll have to re-visit this topic after I do a few more tile jobs and really start to see which way is best.

The one thing I will say though is be sure what level you want your grout to be at on the tile and make it consistent throughout for the most professional looking job.


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