15 November 2005


I was looking around and I found a bunch of 'before pictures' of the bathroom that I'm working on so I figured I'd just put them up today. I don't have time to write much, today's task is shutting off the water to the house and putting all the shutoffs on in the bathroom. This should be the last of the torch plumbing in the bathroom. Hopefully the last time I'll have to turn the water off and drain the system throughout the house, it's a pain in the butt.

Here's pretty much what I walked into in the bathroom when the girl that lived up there for the past 5 years moved out. The dropped ceiling was painted in place which was the only thing keeping the fibreglass pannels from falling down because they were holding so much of the crumbling plaster falling off above them. The walls were mostly wrecked and covered with so many layers of paint and wall-paper they were pretty much hopeless. The floor tile was so bad the edge of it fell off when I went to put up the new walls.

The old sink and the previous tenants lovely paint job. There was some tape and a few actual bandaids covering a crack on the underside of the sink.

The old tub and stuff. I put in the crappy shower liner after she broke the soap dish off the wall and didn't tell me. The only reason I found out was because my bathroom is below this one and my ceiling started leaking weird stuff for a few days before partially caving in over my shower.

This was her brilliant way of keeping the windows shut.

And this is what most of the old windows looked like when I went up there after she moved out.


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