10 November 2005

Finishing Up

Once the shims are all cut down I like to put a bead of caulk all the way around the window between the vinyl and wood frames. Just another layer to 'insulate' against the elements. The only caulk I ever really use is called Phenoseal. I'll put up a picture of the tube and talk about it in a future post. It's a vinyl adhesive caulk and like the label says it, "Does it All"

After the caulk around the window dried overnight I put back the stops that I talked about removing to get the window out, they are the first piece of wood you see here next to the vinyl frame. While I had them off I used a paint stripper to remove most of the layers of paint and old caulk from the stops. Once they were cleaned and sanded I put a coat of primer on them and let that dry. I numbered the pieces when I took them off so for the most part they went back where they came from. The only piece that didn't was a replacement piece from the top of one of the windows that looked funny because it wasn't the right size so I replaced that with the one I got out of the hidden window http://homerepairjournal.blogspot.com/2005/09/window-to-wall-2.html .
Once the stops were nailed in I filled the nail holes with putty and ran a bead of caulk along both edges (window and wall) of the stops. A coat of primer over everything sealed it all up and finished the job. All that's left now is a couple of finish coats when I go around and paint all the trim.


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