02 December 2005

One of My FAVORITE Toys! :o)

As seen in something like 165 episodes of the New Yankee Workshop...

Yup...me and Norm Abram have the same mitre saw!!

I found that out a couple of years ago after I bought it at Zern's (a semi-local flea-market I LOVE going to) for sixty bucks.

I looked it up online when I got home (googled the model #) and the first listing that came up was some crazy fan site where they have a count of how many times Norm uses what tool on the show.

Apparently this was the first mitre saw with a laser guide, it sold for around $600 and had a ten year production run because it was so popular (I think it was the only laser saw on the market for the first six or seven years they made them)

Besides all that...I also ended up on the Porter Cable website and I just can't say enough good stuff about them. I couldn't find the product manual on their site so I sent them an email and told them I just picked up the saw at a flea market and asked about the manual because the laser guide was a little out of alignment. I don't remember if I got an email response...but about a week later I got a package in the mail from them with copies of all of the original paperwork on the saw and a nice letter from them. Pretty cool considering they knew up front that they didn't make any money off my purchase of their tool.

And no...I still haven't fixed the laser...I've just gotten used to where it's off :o


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