27 December 2005


I've spent most of the day today humping the trash down the stairs from the apartment.
If my guru the ex-Marine was here we'd be done already. He once told me that, "Running up and down the stairs is how you keep the job moving along" Well...screw that, I wear size 13/14 shoes and have enough trouble navigating stairs at normal speed...no way I'm gonna run up and down. Plus I guess I've gotten out of shape in the past couple of years since I worked for him because 4 or 5 trips up and down from the third floor seems to be about all I can handle without needing to sit down and take a break.
In the back of my mind I'm still weighing having the carpets cleaned and calling it a day on this project. We'll see what they look like when I get everything out of the rooms. I'd call a professional carpet cleaning place and ask them if they could get them back to looking half way descent and what that would cost me. I don't think it would be anywhere near as much as replacing the carpets even doing it myself and buying carpet that is around $.50 a square foot (I need about 600 square feet).
We'll see...there's still a lot of junk up there and a lot of tools and project leftovers that need to go down to the basement.
I'm thinking about keeping the windows.
They suck for an apartment but for a greenhouse or a garage/workshop at my next place they really might be worth hanging onto!
If Kevin shows up today (It's his day off and he often drops by on Tuesdays) he'll be greeted with the absolute joy of helping me clear the path (putting the windows and leftover sheets of greenboard drywall from the bathroom project (Jamey's" Home Repair Journal: Window to Wall 6) that is still laying in the stairwell down into the basement so that he can help me bring the old stove down and put it out on the curb (It's trash day tomorrow). We'll leave bringing the new stove up for Sunday (If he dares to return after that), his other day off and he drops in a lot then too. Besides...I haven't bought the new one yet.


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