10 May 2006

Carpets...aka Getting Laid

I'm almost finished with the apartment finally.

One of the last steps has been installing the carpet.
Never done it before so it was learning as I go.
Probably one of the easiest things I've ever done.

Had to buy a 'carpet kicker (went through 3 cheap ones before spending the $85 on a good one (fucked the thing up anyway (bent the nails))) and rent a 'Power Stretcher'.
Also picked up a couple of special carpet knives.
I must say...having the right tools really aided in this job.
Even spending $150 on tools plus the carpet was only like $400 so I still saved around $1500 by doing it myself.

Anyway...I didn't take any in-progress pix...but here are a few shots of the finished job.


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