21 March 2006

The Doors

Today I was in New Jersey.
I went to help a friend of mine put in a new door on his garage. Not a garage door...A door on the garage.
The starting point of this post is a complaint.
The door he bought was a typical exterior door from Lowe's. The typical exterior door from Lowe's is made to open in. His wife (my bestest friend ever) suggested they get one that opens out so that when they eventually start parking their cars in the garage...well, you get the idea. Sounded like a good idea to me too. She's smart like that. So I said we could probably just reverse it but I'd come over and look. One look at the door and I realized I'm a dumbass because you can't just flip the door around (it would leak...All the weather-proofing around the door is made for the outside).
So it was back to Lowe's we went.
After waiting around ten minutes for the only person in the store who knew anything about doors got back from his lunch break we found out that to order the same door they have in stock for ~$120.00 (the one that swings in) it would cost ~$200 for one that will open out!
So it was across the street to Home Despot where we encountered the same situation (I think they were like $30-$40 higher even!). So it was off ten miles up the road to 84 Lumber where their basic door was only $88 and I think it still cost him almost $200 just to get the one that opens out. At least they said a week to ten days...Lowe's and Despot both said 2 weeks.

So what's my complaint?
Yup...you guessed it.
I think it's total B.S. that doors don't come made to open in either direction in stock and at the same price!!
Interior doors do. Bathtubs come with the drain on the left or the right at the same price. Most things in this arena do. It takes ten minutes to change a fridge from opening to the right to opening to the left.
It's just crap.

So he ordered the door and we went back to the house and rigged something up to be able to re-hang the old door in the much larger rough opening we made for the new door.
To be honest...at this point I'm really tempted to ask him if he can cancel the order (and get his deposit back) and we can:
A) Buy the $88 door at 84 lumber and I can disassemble, reverse, and re-assemble the frame
2) Buy a 'door slab' (door, no frame) and I'll build a frame from scratch


Blogger sprtzbabe said...

Literally, LOL.
as much as I admire your righteous indignation, and righteous it is...the time savings alone is worth the extra cash. (perhaps another job or 2 get completed in the time it would take to fix the inswinging door...
i do love you.

9:03 PM  

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