11 September 2006

It's Been a While

Yup...been a while since I've posted here.

I've been busy working...just haven't been taking my camera with me to get pictures of the various jobs I've been doing.

However, today I am starting a new task here at home and I have my camera handy.

About a year ago I bought a, "Floor Machine" an all purpose buffer/polisher/sander.
Unfortunately, when I bought it it didn't come with a pad holder and the switch was broken so it wouldn't turn off as long as it was plugged in. For the past year I've been talking about fixing the machine and re-finishing the bedroom floors in my house. I borrowed a machine a couple of years ago and did the livingroom floor, not too difficult a process...just a lot of hard work and sweattin involved.

So about a week ago I finally started working on my machine. The first step was to make myself a pad holder...the part that attaches to the bottom of the machine and holds the sandpaper on. I saw one on Ebay that was $160 but knew I could make most of it myself. Fortunately for me the place that was selling the holder was also selling the 'clutch plates' the part that directly attaches to the machine...the only part I knew I couldn't make myself. So for $25 I got six of them and went to work on the rest.

That's the pad holder on the bottom of the machine.

Here's the new switch I put on. The old one worked when you held the handles in...that one was obsolete and irreplaceable so I ended up just getting a toggle switch I mounted by drilling a hole through the housing and bolting it on.

So now I'm off to sand.

Did I mention I only paid $20 for it? :o)


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